What you need and what you desire are two different things.  If you help someone meet their desires their needs will be met along the way.  If you help someone meet their needs, their desires will always be left hanging.  I love the question, “What do you desire”?   There is something about that word that reaches so far deep into us that we can’t help but get excited.  Then, boom!   We get caged and feel maybe a little self centered sharing our desires.   We have made it so that it’s ok to talk about what you need but it’s not ok to talk about what you desire.   Like desiring something is bad.  It’s not, it’s the driver, it’s the fuel to carry you through to the next moment.   It’s time to start with our desires and build everything around them.  Do you even know what the people in our life desire?  You probably know what they need but chances are you don’t really know what they desire. What if you asked the question? And talked about what they desire, what you desire and had a exciting vibration rising energy building conversation?  I would rather be in a conversation about desire than need.  I want to be a cooperative component to someone fulfilling their desires.  See that’s one of my desires, I want to see people get more than what they need.  I want to see people take that trip to desire land and get so fired up that they inspire and help all the people around them.  You can change the energy of a conversation by the intention behind your words.  We feed off of each other’s energy, make someone feel good and you will too.  Help someone get closer to what they desire and you will too.