Your job is to feel happy, peaceful and joyful.  How does that sound?  The first time I heard that I thought it sounded like something you tell your kids when they have no “real world” responsibilities. If it’s my job to be happy, where is it going to come from?  The next answer didn’t make me feel much better at the time. The answer was that the happy, peaceful and joyful feelings was going to come from me.  Again, I wasn’t impressed with this.   The thought that everything I needed to fell happy was inside me and up to me was disappointing.  I was spending a fair amount of money and time  on seminars, research and over all education when it came to this topic.  You know the saying, “All roads lead to Roam”? Well all roads seemed to be leading back to me.  After the realization that happy was indeed my responsibility things started to change.  I now became mindful of what I thought, what I said and who I choose to spend my time with.  It felt like work.  So, I embarked on this journey to find the answers and they lead me to myself and the work of living with intention.   To be honest, I was looking for something that was going to come from the outside into my being.   I didn’t fully expect it to be such an inside job.  I faked it for a while.   The problem with gaining some enlightenment is that you can’t really put the genie back in the bottle.  Once you know what works, it’s hard not to at least strive for it.  The faking it wasn’t working.  I couldn’t be one way in yoga class or in meditation and then be a different way in all the other parts of my life.  It felt inauthentic.  The worlds eventually collided.  What felt like work at the beginning of the journey now feels like a fresh new opportunity in every moment.  You will never get it right and it will never be done and that is freeing for me.  It let’s me know that I get to choose happy in every moment so if this moment doesn’t feel like I want it to, there is another opportunity in the next moment to try it again.